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Pages 44
Release Date June 2005
Format e-Title
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In the distant province of Gaetuli, the Villa Aurea faces tragedy. Postumus Aurelius has gone missing, his chambers a shambles and blood all about. In the night, the cliens heard owls flying towards the Turris Lemurum, a cursed tower on a nearby hill. Surely, this is where whatever has spirited him away has taken the boy. 

Gaius Aurelius, Postumus' father, has asked for help from his friend, Nepius the Prefect of Gaetuli. He has chosen you and others to help his friend. You dare not risk displeasing him or face a life in the salt mines. Many obstacles stand in your way, corrupt local officials, superstitions, and the super natural.

Locals believe the Turris Lemurum to be populated by the souls of those killed by the legion once stationed there. These souls seek out the lives of those who pass by the tower on the caravan trail below. At one time the spirits were satisfied with the occasional caravan guard or slave but now they have attacked one of the local farms. What has occurred to bring about this change?

Now you and your companions must venture into the African province of Gaetuli, face its dangers and save young Postumus before harm comes to him.

Free Turris Lemurum Demo

Please note that the Free Demo is intended as an overview of the story and approach. The super-sized version comes with 11"x17" maps, color interiors, different art and additional content.

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