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Turris Lemurum Supersized Adventure

A haunted tower in the African province of Gaetuli threatens the Aurelius family. Their son has been abducted and you are needed to rescue the boy. What danger lurks in the Tower of Ghosts? Only your bravery and courage will allow you to discover the secrets of the Turris Lemurum.

This supplement contains new skills, spells, foes and setting characters as well as a full adventure with over seven full color maps. This adventure uses the Iridium System and has stats for your favorite d20 fantasy games. Turris Lemurum will be released under the Open Gaming License.

A free version is available on this site that does not include the art, magic items, classes or skills.

Available: June 2005
MSRP: $14.99, e-version $7.50

Atlantis Found

The world is big and the western hemisphere is not as unknown to the Empire as some would have it. Surviving Atlanteans have found their city, though lost for centuries, on the coast of the southern continent at the mouth of a mighty river. Over the centuries they have rebuilt, explored and made allies and enemies. The Mayans are rising in power with the aid of the Chinese and under the guidance of their Blood Gods. To the south, the Huaca and Nazca carry a brisk trade with the Atlanteans. In the depths of the jungle the forest people, led by the Yanamamo, fight to retain their way of life despite the best efforts of the Atlanteans to civilize them.

Atlantis Found is meant for use with the Roma Imperious core rules. It contains detailed setting information on the Western Hemisphere including the Atlanteans, natives of the northern and southern continents, Chinese settlers, and Norse colonies and traders. Included are rules supplements for the Iridium System including new classes, spells, friends and foes, and magic.

Available: Spring 2006
MSRP: $25.00