Roma Imperious Event for June Game Day

Location : Games Plus, Mt. Prospect, IL

Time : 4:00 PM, Saturday, June 30

Slot2, Game 1: Fly you Fools!

Gaius Claudius Cordus, prefect of Eborucum, has summoned you to deal with a beast in the Cambria mountains. It has come raiding the outlying villa and it is the job of the Legions to handle such issues. His time is precious but the natives hound him, bleating like sheep about the Draco. Still, there may be something to their murmurings.

To that end, your maniple and a Ventor Draconis, Tullius, will be sent to the Villa Bato. Dectus Bato is a wealthy German mercator who has made his wealth exporting tin. He has made enemies and some believe this extends to the Gods. It will be your job to see if it is so and to drive off this threat to the wealthy Equites Provincialis.

Pregens will be provided. No experience needed. This is an adventure for the upcoming Britannia: Edge of the Empire supplement to Roma Imperious. This adventure will use the Iridium System.


Titus Julius Silanus, Optio of the Third Cohort of the Legio IV Vitrix (39 K PDF)

Aulus Ancius Celer, Magus, (35 K PDF)

Cammius, Medicus, (32 K PDF)

Viritrix, Bretani Cantiaci Auxilliary Specialist, (32 K PDF)

Vingo the Red, Pictish, Druid of the Morna, (32 K PDF

Llew, Dumonii, Venetor Draconis, (33 K PDF)


Map of Britannia