Turris Lemurum Available at HinterWelt.com!

HinterWelt Enterprises

Nov 2004

HinterWelt Enterprises is pleased to provide ongoing support for Roma Imperious, a game where Alternate History meets Roman Fantasy. Turris Lemurum is a free 30 page adventure with story line, setting information, pregenned characters and seven maps detailing the Turris Lemurum.

You and your companions find yourself pit against the local superstitions and all that entails. The Turris Lemurum began as a granarium in the past, grew into a fortification against the Berbers and now has become the source of local fear and myth. You must overcome those ghosts, if that is truly what awaits you, and return a stolen son to his house. Beware though! Not all myth is the stuff of cliens imaginations. These myths may fight back...

Turris Lemurum is now available for download.